adoption components v2I’ve been making some revisions to the initial thinking around our Tranformation Components. After an initial year of exploring different PD components in service of Transforming Learning Everywhere, a few changes are necessary.

Digital Citizenship isn’t a separate component: it is a key piece in the character building elements required to create a safe and caring classroom environment. The new surrounding lighter blue circle has been added to reference the directives in our 21st Century Learning & Technology Policy.

The other element that has been added is “Student Inquiry” at the centre. Although the “Teacher as Activator” component examines elements of the teacher’s role; every component we have looked at is best implemented as an element of an inquiry-based learning environment. A digital wing of the classroom that only serves to digitize the distribution of worksheets; a shift in the products that students create (make) that doesn’t allow for choice; leveraging the power of the internet as a resource for shallow games that serve as busy-work once students complete those digital worksheets: all these examples distort the vision, and occur if student inquiry is not at the centre of everything we do.

The changing graphic represents the ways in which the plans we have for PD moving forward are in constant revision as we learn from the classrooms across the board: those involved in the 1:1 projects in elementary and secondary; those involved in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning projects; those exploring the power of that same technology as an assistive tool to enhance instruction: all play a role in ensuring we move forward in the right direction, especially as we begin benefiting from the learning from these separate projects, and momentum grows.

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Week 3: Components of a Transformed Learning Environment

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